Liability Waiver & Behavior Agreement

While we have never had anyone fall, get hurt, have an accident or have the bike tip over (for some reason people always ask us this), signing the Passenger Release of Liability Waiver and Behavior Agreement is mandatory for each tour participant. The waiver is a precautionary measure - if you follow and respect the rules, you will have a safe and fun trip. Your driver will go over all the basics before your tour. At Harrisburg Pedal Tours, we take safety seriously!

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Tour Checklist

  • Wear Sneakers or ShoesExposed toes are dangerous because when the bike is moving your feet will inevitably slip off the pedal - and we don't want for the pedal to come around and hit you.
  • Bring CashFirst, it will make it much easier for your group to pay you back. Second, it will prevent your group getting delayed because you had to wait for someone to close out their tab. You will only be in the bar long enough to have 1 drink. Third, to tip your driver at the end. Ladies, bring a wristlet versus a large purse because you only need cash and an ID.
  • Dress AppropriatelyBring a hoodie/jacket. We have plenty of space to store everything and don't want our guests to be cold. The awning will keep you dry, & we drop you off right in front of the bars, and cover your seat so you don't come back to wet seats. During the winter we have a special weather policy to prevent any pedal tours from going out when there is snow/salt/slush on the roads. High winds are another reason for a pedal tour to get cancelled (25+ mph) You simply get a "snow check" to use at some other point over the winter or applied to the summer tour rate.
  • MusicPlay whatever you want from your cell phone to our speakers via Bluetooth. Pandora, Spotify, a playlist, it all works. No need to bring a aux cord because of the bluetooth system. Find out who has Pandora or Spotify premium so you do not have to listen to commercials or sign up for the 1 week free trial before your tour.

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