Legend of the Magic Johnson and His Iconic Jersey

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Every Los Angeles Lakers fan knows the iconic jersey of Magic Johnson. One of the greatest Los Angeles Lakers of all time, Magic Johnson revolutionized the NBA's point guard position when he first arrived on the scene. With his larger-than-life personality, incredible playmaking ability, and winning attitude, Magic embodied what it meant to be a Laker. His number 32 jersey is an eternal reminder of the legacy he left behind in Los Angeles and the entire NBA.

Magic's legacy with the Lakers began when he was drafted in 1979. Although he played at Michigan State University, Magic was considered too small to play professionally. Despite the doubt, he made an immediate impact with the Lakers, becoming the starting point guard in 1980. He led the Lakers to five NBA championships during his illustrious 13-year career. His presence, skill, and dynamic play combined with the talent of head coach Pat Riley and the Showtime Lakers eventually led Los Angeles to restore its luster as one of the most successful franchises in the NBA.

Today, the iconic number 32 jersey is an indelible part of Lakers history. It is a reminder of Magic's immense talent and style. Capturing the spirit of his flashy, yet effective playing style, the purple and gold uniform declares Magic's supremacy on the court. It's been said that Magic was able to run the court like no other, with unbelievable agility and pinpoint accuracy. This legend is well reflected in the design of the jersey, sporting the classic purple and gold colors of the Lakers and centered around the number 32.

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Magic Johnson's sparkling career with the Lakers was immortalized when his #32 jersey was retired in 1992. This symbol of pride and respect paid homage to one of the greatest players of all time. To this day, when Lakers fans don the Magic Johnson jersey, they are reminded of great years in Lakers history, showtime, and a player who revolutionized the game of basketball: Magic Johnson.The Authentic Los Angeles Lakers NBA Jersey is made of 100% polyester mesh and features a stitched twill applique team logo, name and number on the front, back and both sleeves. The jersey also has a knit V-neck collar with a drop tail hem and flatlock stitching on the side seams. It is available in a wide range of sizes and colors.Magic Johnson and Chris Paul have been at odds recently due to their disagreement over how the Los Angeles Lakers should be run. Both stars have publicly voiced their opinions, with Magic coming out in support of current Lakers president, Jeanie Buss, while Paul has advocated for a more thorough evaluation and change of leadership within the franchise.

This all began when Magic took to Twitter to express his support for Buss and her plans to help revive the struggling team. On the surface, this may seem like a simple show of loyalty, but Johnson's tweet was seen by many as a direct challenge to Paul's suggestion that the Lakers should begin looking for new leadership.

Paul has since responded with a series of tweets of his own, highlighting his admiration for Buss and her efforts, but insisting that the franchise needs to shake things up before they can get back on track. As he put it, 'Big changes are needed and to hear people saying 'stay the course' isn't helping anything'.

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It is clear that this is a disagreement between two very powerful and influential figures within the NBA. Both Paul and Johnson have legitimate reasons for their perspectives and it is likely that neither man will back down anytime soon. Whatever the outcome may be, it is sure to have an impact on the future of the Lakers organization.

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